Monday, February 28, 2011

Amber Holland Team Wins

Amber Holland and her teammates were fittingly all heart at this years’ Tournament of Hearts curling championship. All week they were the heart of Saskatchewan curling fans and the entire province. The Holland team proved they had heart on every shot of every game. This included the final against the famed Jennifer Jones wearing the Team Canada colors. In sports, as in life, it is heart that gives you the courage to believe that you can attain your goals.

The Holland team gave up three in the first end and trailed 6-3 at the fifth end break. They had their backs to the wall against arguably one of the best teams to ever play the game. The Holland team never lost heart as they fought back with three in the sixth end with a dramatic shot by Holland to even the score 6-6. This was the turning point. The Jones team realized it was game on having to contend with the heart and courage of Amber Holland and her teammates.

In the final 10th end Amber Holland made another spectacular shot to draw behind cover and lay shot rock. She forced a difficult last rock of the game shot on her opponent. It was missed and Saskatchewan’s Amber Holland emerged victorious at this years’ Tournament of Hearts.

Congratulations to Amber Holland and her entire team. You’re all heart!