Thursday, March 03, 2011

Domed Stadium Doomed

The domed stadium proposal for Regina is apparently doomed. We have now learned the federal government has a policy not to fund such projects. Why did the federal government and 13 Saskatchewan conservative MP’s fail to disclose this policy?

MP Tom Lukiwski on the John Gormley show dropped what was reported to be a “bombshell” when he disclosed he had received a letter from Ken Cheveldayoff suggesting the provincial government would not be going forward without federal funds. How was that a “bombshell” when Lukiwski new the federal government could never fund a project of this nature?

Lukiwski then announced on the Gormley show that he and MP Andrew Scheer had put their heads together to research what federal funds were available for a domed stadium. These two MP’s seem to have conspired to have us believe they researched their own government on a project their own policies could never fund. What’s up with that?

The John Gormley show hosted some lady who wrote a book about funding such projects. Her book was based on research of similar projects in the US wherein she declared that the funding norm for such projects is 75% private and 25% public. The media now reports on this funding ratio like a revelation we should all blindly accept.

It is disappointing how our governments, politicians and the media manipulate public opinion on important issues? Was the public intentionally misled? If so, should anyone be held accountable?