Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Federal Election

On March 22, 2011 the Harper government introduced their budget. The opposition parties have declared they will not support the budget. An election is imminent. Here are a few comments for the voters to consider.

· Prime Minister Stephen Harper has led one of the longest serving minority governments in the history of Canada.
· He rules over Canada’s largest federal debt nearing $559 billion with the voters’ share currently around $16 thousand.
· He rules with a flagrant disregard or respect for parliament and with disdain for anyone who opposes him.
· He argues the opposition has not read the budget. That is not true. They do not need to read every sentence to get the drift. After all, it is not a national best seller.
· He is currently the most dominant, some say dictatorial, Prime Minister in the history of Canada. Bar none!
· Regardless, voters view Stephen Harper as the best leader.
· More importantly, voters should set aside party politics and vote for the best person to represent their interests.
· Healthcare rules over the economy on important issues to voters. Ethics in government, transparency, and honesty are also top-rated issues.
· Only the conservatives or the liberals have a chance to form government.

It will be a dirty hard-fought election. Voter turnout may be up slightly and the Stephen Harper conservatives may form a majority government. Have a Great Election!