Saturday, February 05, 2011

History of American Foreign Policy

This excellent video provides an insight into the history of foreign policy.  In many ways it details through various US Presidents how we came to arrive at where we are today.  The US has had an immense influence on the numerous world conflicts that have occurred over the years.  It also explains, in part, what caused the US to be involved in so many conflicts.  Of interest to Canadians is that as goes the US so goes Canada.

A security strategy for the North American continent is the new priority.  This has brought us to the discussions Prime Minister, Stephen Harper has just concluded with President Obama.  These discussions will begin the process for new arrangements to secure the border between Canada and the US to protect against terrorism.  Secondly, it will set agreements in place for how trade between Canada and the US can move freely without any sacrifice to US national security.

Canadians should be asking what is at stake and what issues are on the table for discussions.  At some point the Prime Minister has an obligation to Canadians to disclose what measures are being considered and how they may affect Canadians.  I don't think that is too much for Canadians to expect from their Prime Minister.

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