Thursday, February 24, 2011

Economic Action Plan

The federal conservative government now holds the largest deficit in Canadian history. To counter this the Prime Minister has ordered 70 MPs, ministers and senators to fan out across the country to tell Canadians how well they are managing the economy. The idea is to push the merits of the government’s Economic Action Plan.

It will be a hard sell. Some argue it has driven the country too far in debt. Some argue the Action Plan was too late getting off the ground during the recession and then arguably favored conservative ridings. The government argues up the middle that the Action Plan has created some 460,000 jobs and pulled Canada out of the recession. Out of the recession and into debt. The nation’s total debt now stands tall at over 560 billion and the latest budget rang up a $55.6 billion deficit.

The government argues that profits in Canada’s corporate sector are continuing to show strong growth as an indication that Canada’s economy is recovering. The conservative government also plans to cut taxes for large corporations already posting huge profits.

The federal government is expected to run their next election campaign on the economy. How the government manages your tax dollars is an important matter. Now would be a good time to call your MP and express your economic concerns.