Friday, December 04, 2009

Tiger Woods

People live and people die! That is one thing we all have in common, and that includes Tiger Woods. Unfortunately, almost everyone is jumping on his story. The news surrounding Tiger Woods tells us more about ourselves than most would care to publicly confess. Now consider this and see if it applies to you.

I was raised in a small Saskatchewan town of about 150 people. I was far from perfect; good at sports and a poor student as I struggled to even complete my grade twelve. Regardless, I loved and respected my parents and I respected my elders. The locals, including my educators, never believed I would ever amount to anything in life.

Now, at sixty-six years of age, I look back and see things I wish had never happened. I had failures in business, politics and my personal life. I could have been a better person, husband, parent and politician, but I wasn’t. I failed and I failed often. Why?
Because I am human and none of us are perfect. Some other person who is less than perfect reminds me of this almost everyday.

I have forgiven, but will always remember those, both dead and alive, who unfairly judged me based on my personal life and for being just a bit outspoken. I was lied about and defamed in more ways than I care to remember and, although it was painful, I survived and succeeded.

Now, if any of this confession applies to you then you should carefully consider what you say and how you live your life, which can end at any moment. If it doesn’t matter to you now it will after your death.

Tiger Woods and his family need our support, deserving or otherwise, not the continual damnation he is getting from those who are as less than perfect in some other way. I can relate to the weight of his burden.