Sunday, December 20, 2009

Former KGB Agent

The story surrounding a former KGB agent hiding in a Vancouver church is something the Harper government needs to resolve. Mikhail Lennikov has apparently used the church as a sanctuary from border officials since June 2009. He has apparently produced 35,000 pages of documents to prove he is not a security threat to Canada and therefore, should be allowed to stay in Canada. Two BC MP’s are calling on the Prime Minister to allow Lennikov to stay in Canada.

I have no knowledge of whether or not he is a security threat to Canada. I do believe it is time for the Prime Minister and the Government of Canada to make a decision one way or another. Going to church to worship is one thing, but using it as a sanctuary to protect one’s self from a government that can’t make a decision is unreasonable. Imagine, a person hiding in a Canadian church to protect themselves from our government. There must be some other solution. Having people believe a church is a sanctuary from the government is just wrong. Prime Minister, Stephen Harper needs to make a decision on this matter and soon!