Monday, December 07, 2009

NDP - No Class

This past weekend I received two pieces of political propaganda in my mailbox. One was from Ralph Goodale, the liberal Member of Parliament for Regina Wascana Plains. The other was from the provincial NDP on black and white paper with a smiling, youthful looking photo of Dwain Lingenfelter, leader of the opposition, on one side and an aging, sad photo of Brad Wall on the other.

The message from Ralph Goodale was simply contact information, a calendar, a few photos showing him at work in his constituency and nice photo of him with his wife wishing Best Holiday Wishes. It was a quality piece that I suggest most people would appreciate.

On the other hand, the message from the NDP was how Brad Wall has taken us from boom to bust in two short years. It tells how the SaskParty government spending is apparently out of control with a 32% increase in just two years. It goes on to condemn the government and tell me how I will be paying more and getting less and how I am at risk with the Wall government having drained most of the $2 billion rainy day fund.

In my view, the NDP propaganda was ill timed considering we are less than three weeks from Christmas. It is not what I want to hear at this time of year regardless of the facts. There apparently is one distinct difference between the liberals and the NDP. The liberals, like Ralph Goodale, have class, which is more than can be said for the NDP based on their respective brochures received by voters, this past weekend.