Friday, December 18, 2009

Nuclear Power for Saskatchewan

The decision by the Government of Saskatchewan in an announcement made by Bill Boyd, Minister of Energy and Resources, to shelve any plans to move ahead with nuclear generation in Saskatchewan is a mistake. It was shelved for political reasons, as the SaskParty fears the anti-nuclear activists and the longtime anti-nuclear NDP opposition. The SaskParty is more concerned about their re-election than they are about showing leadership. Nuclear generation in Saskatchewan would add a new source of revenue for Saskatchewan. Exporting energy to Alberta and California in huge amounts is an exciting prospect that is best possible with nuclear power. Further, delaying the development of nuclear power will only cost us more in the future.

We should at least move forward with a plan for Saskatchewan to be a world leader for the production of medical isotopes. The federal government was looking for a province to come forward with a proposal and Premier Wall had expressed an interest, but that too seems to be shelved.

The SaskParty needs to step up, show some leadership and move forward. Allowing a few vocal opponents to Saskatchewan’s progress will drive the province back down into that “have not province” hole and that is simply not an option I can support. Saskatchewan must shed its “next year country” syndrome and continue to move forward.