Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Respect Flag and Country

Pondering politics!

You have to wonder where the respect is for our country and our flags. We take it all for granted in this land of peace and prosperity. Even after witnessing all the devastation, disaster, human suffering and human failure to manage the crisis resulting from the Katrina Hurricane Canadians are only a tad more thankful for all we have in this great country.

I stopped for a coffee at Tim Horton’s at the corner of 4th Avenue and Albert Street in Regina and sat outside to enjoy our beautiful weather. Across the street is the Carling Place Strip Mall where flags representing Saskatchewan and Canada attempt to fly strong and free representing our provincial and Canadian colors. They are weathered and torn in half. It is a disgrace to our country and our province for our flags to be left to wither in the sun and wind as if Hurricane Katrina had hit them.

It is interesting to note that the office of Andrew Scheer, M.P. for Regina Qu’Appelle is located just across the street from the Carling Place Mall. Andrew Scheer worked for Larry Spencer, former M.P. for Regina-Lumsden-Lake Centre. He may not have learned much in his overpaid position with Spencer, but I know he learned that a Member of Parliament’s office gets an annual allotment of Canadian flags for distribution in and around his constituency. Spencer’s office staff and Larry Spencer had a policy of providing a flag wherever one was torn and tattered. Andrew Scheer should consider adopting the same policy.

It would at least show respect for our great country if all levels of government made a commitment to assuring that any Canadian or provincial flag be flown only if it is in one piece and showing our full colors. That is the least we could do in appreciation for all we have. Andrew Scheer and all elected officials should give this some serious thought. It amazes me that Andrew Scheer can’t look across Albert Street, see the worn and weathered flags and say, “damn lets get over there and provide the Mall with some new flags.” How difficult would that be? It is apparently too difficult for a rookie Member of Parliament who must be too busy doing more important things.


Larry Birkbeck
Regina, SK