Thursday, September 08, 2005

Reformed Politics

Pondering politics!

There is no question we need to do politics different in this country. Reform is long over due, but what changes would make a difference? I believe it is necessary to return power to the people. Here are a few suggestions that would make a difference to our existing system.

Reorganize government into three clearly defined parts. These parts would be executive, legislative and judicial where none would be subject to unfair influence of one on the other.

Develop a system where elected officials at all three levels of government are answerable to only their constituents. This would provide for elected members to always vote their conscience without reprisal from colleagues or party leaders. It would also remove the nonsensical situation we have now where elected members have their nominations secured to prohibit others from challenging their nomination. Remember, these are the same politicians that want an elected Senate. Protected nominations are only one step away from appointing our representatives in the House of Commons and the provincial legislatures. How dumb would that be?

Elected officials should only be allowed to serve two consecutive terms. I suggest they could run for office again after they had sat out at least one election. This would tend to give them a reality check and keep them honest.

On the financial side our governments should be required by law to balance the books. Making payments on existing debt should be a mandatory percentage of revenue surplus applied to the debt in every budget. This would eventually remove debt entirely.

Governments should quit lending money entirely and rely only on short-term tax breaks to allow individuals and businesses to establish themselves.

No professional civil servant should have to worry about losing his or her job, which commonly results from a change of government. Those appointed in the executive part of government should be required to automatically file their resignation papers at the call of an election. They could be reappointed after the election. If you live by the sword, you should die by the sword.

These are just a few suggested changes that would make our governments work better and return some power to the people.


Larry Birkbeck
Regina, SK