Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Regina City Employees Strike

Pondering politics!

The politics surrounding the strike of city workers is quite ridiculous. The city has made plans for where we can dump our garbage. They should be making plans for ending the stand off with their striking employees, as should the unions.

Both sides have argued their positions are fixed and that is why I say the politics of the situation is ridiculous. The Mayor is facing his first real tough test since he was first elected. Saying, “I love Regina” will not resolve the strike. The unions are staying out to strengthen the union movement in the province to prove they can still resolve labour disputes by joining arms with their so called brothers and sisters. It is a farce and it is ridiculous!

Based on what both sides have stated the strike will never end. Really! Never! In reality, it will end by one side or the other, or both, giving in a bit on their previously stated positions. That is the fact of the matter. So what reason can either side give me for not resolving the strike within the next week? If both sides continue with the current impasse it will only prove that their own politics, however you want to define it, is more important than serving the taxpayers.

As taxpayers we are the innocent third parties in this dispute. Why should we be inconvenienced to satisfy the ridiculous politics of the City of Regina and the unions? We should begin to think about how we are going to make them pay for their political antics! He who pays the piper should call the tune. I am wondering how I will do that and I suggest all taxpayers do the same.

City council and the labour unions should be sent to New Orleans to negotiate their differences. I think then both sides may realize how petty their differences are in relative terms. As one who pays the piper, I say, “End this ridiculous strike.”


Larry Birkbeck
Regina, SK