Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Kilgour Crossing

Pondering politics!

David Kilgour has been one of the better members of Parliament. The question is how many times can Kilgour switch parties without losing the integrity he served with for all these years.

David has now jumped out of the liberal party and into an independent seat in the House of Commons. His next honourable move should be to announce that he would not seek re-election.

If the Harper Conservatives should form government it is highly likely they would appoint Kilgour to some post or hire him for some government project to reward him for leaving the liberals.

David Kilgour has served his time and all matters of life come to an end. Kilgour has reached that point in his political career. It would be a shame for him to pointlessly attempt to seek re-election. It didn’t work for Joe Clark.

Finally, if Paul Martin loses the next election he too should step aside and let the future of Canadian politics proceed with new blood. Each of us must face the end and we will one way or another. Why needlessly fight it at the expense of one’s own personal integrity?

Not to add lightness to this matter, but it reminds one of an exchange of one bad guy for one good guy in a John Wayne western movie. Scott Brison went from the conservatives to the liberals and now Kilgour is contemplating a move from the liberals to the conservatives, which will be his second crossing and it’s not the English Channel. The question now is to determine who is the bad guy and who is the good guy! We know John Wayne was a good guy. In the exchange, whom did he get, Brison or Kilgour? Go figure!

Larry Birkbeck