Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Election - Sooner or Later?

Pondering politics!

The prospects of the conservatives bringing down the governing liberals and forcing a Spring election is appearing more likely every passing day. The window of opportunity will never be wider. The entire conservative caucus could all jump through at the same time. The problem for conservatives is that the window will close at the end of June and stay closed until after the Gomery Inquiry is finalized. Are there any other options? Yes!

I understand the conservatives are eager to get to an election. It has nothing to do with the best interests of the country. The governing liberal party may be in a state of crisis, but Canada is not. It is all about power and money. It is more about the interests of Stephan Harper and the Conservative Party. They want to be in power. That is what politics is all about. It is the goal of any party in opposition. I don’t fault the conservatives for their ambitions. This is how are democracy works. Will the conservatives make a better government than what we have been receiving from the liberals? I don’t know, but if they do form government we can all compare notes after they have served in government for a while.

The other option for the conservatives is to wait and watch the governing liberals self-destruct. Liberal members like David Kilgour, who left the Mulroney conservatives to sit as a liberal has now left the liberals to sit as an independent. I expect more liberals will defect or choose not to seek re-election. If I were advising the conservatives, I would advise they stand firm, don’t blink and prepare for an election no sooner than the Fall of 2005 or Spring of 2006. The public will be more receptive to a later election call and the conservatives will be less subject to being criticized as opportunists. Be patient conservatives and you might form government.

Regardless, prepare for a June 2005 election.


Larry Birkbeck