Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Conservative strategist uses poor analogy!

Pondering politics!

Consider the following comment by Geoff Norquay as printed in a news story covered by the April 26, 2005 edition of the Leader Post.

Conservative strategist Geoff Norquay said the 61 percent who said they agree with the prime minister that an election should only be held after the release of the Gomery report is misleading. “If you ask me how I feel about a route canal, I’ll say no way. But if the dentist says you need one, I’ll say get on with it.”

In my view he has just made the most compelling argument for why an election should not be held until after the Gomery Inquiry has concluded. Canadians are not keen on a route canal or an election. The conservatives have not provided the voters with a gripping reason why any of us should simply get on with it. As I have written before, the liberal party may be in a state of crisis, but Canada is not. Geoff Norquay should be reminded that Justice Gomery is the dentist and not Stephan Harper. Further, Canadians don’t want politicians of any stripe in their face and certainly not in their mouth.

The Gomery Inquiry is the route canal and it will route out any and all rot and decay and report to Canadians. The final report will have to be acted on regardless of who forms the next government.

It would seem the conservative strategist, Geoff Norquay may have used a poor analogy since it was Paul Martin who called the dentist and said, “Get on with it.”


Larry Birkbeck