Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Stephan Harper - Too Eager for Power?

Pondering politics!

Prior to the last federal election the liberal government refused to hold an inquiry into allegations surrounding the Sponsorship program. Stephan Harper effectively argues that the current liberal government would not be in power if they had held the inquiry prior to the last federal election.

The Harper conservatives have supported an inquiry from the outset. Now that the Martin liberals have called the inquiry the Harper conservatives say they have heard enough and it is time to hold an election.

If you reverse Harper’s argument you will come to the conclusion that he is no different or better than Paul Martin. Harper wants an election now before the Gomery Inquiry has concluded. He feels he can win an election regardless of the conclusions of the inquiry and regardless of the fact that 61% of Canadians support Paul Martin’s call for an election 30 days after finalization of the Gomery Report. It is all about power as Harper may be as guilty of forcing an election before the Gomery Inquiry concludes as was Paul Martin guilty for not having ordered an inquiry prior to the last election.

Stephan Harper should be reminded that patience is a virtue, but has Harper any virtues? Is he so power hungry that he will destroy this opportunity that conservatives have to form the next government? Paul Martin is more popular than the liberal party and it is believed that the conservative party is more popular than Stephan Harper. All conservatives will remember that Stephan Harper lost the last election on his own regardless of Martin not calling an early inquiry into the Sponsorship program.

The Harper conservatives became too confident near the end of the last election campaign. Their talk of a transition team to take power from the ruling liberals was premature. Is Stephan Harper showing that he is again too hungry for power? Is he in the process of making the same mistake twice?

Stephan Harper should be reminded that about half of Canadian voters polled in 2004 believed the political parties, politicians and leaders are all the same. Will Stephan Harper prove them right?


Larry Birkbeck