Wednesday, November 03, 2010

PotashCorp Takeover Decision Expected Today

The federal government is expected to make a decision today whether to allow or quash the BHP Billiton takeover of PotashCorp.  The decision is expected late this afternoon and will be highly controversial regardless of the decision by the federal government.  One thing is sure.  We will see whether the 13 conservative MP's in Saskatchewan are on the outs with the governing SaskParty or are in bed with them.  Either way, we will finally learn if the conservative MP's are now prepared to break their silence on this issue and let the people of Saskatchewan know where they stand.

It seems to me that given so many people from around the world want to buy PotashCorp it is likely the best reason why Saskatchewan should oppose the takeover.  If the federal government approves the takeover with conditions, I will be surprised if those conditions satisfy the SaskParty even if it included a new stadium for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.  If the federal government quashes the deal then they will have broken with a long tradition of approving such foreign acquisitions and they will have raised an interesting question.  Are the Harper conservatives selling off their ideology and policies regarding business in exchange for votes at the next election?

Check out the CBC to get the most recent developments and video regarding this important news story.