Monday, November 15, 2010

Big Lead for Premier Wall and SaskParty

Back in September 9, 2010 I wrote a Letter to the Editor and posted it on my blog.  In the letter I was making the point that our governments, in particular the federal government, are not responsive.  In this letter I made the following observation.  Quote - “According to the information I have on file I can see no reason why anyone should not vote for the SaskParty. Regardless, of what you look at the SaskParty has most of it covered. Based on performance it would be unreasonable to vote for any other party.” - Unquote.  A few people took exception to this supportive observation I made of the SaskParty.  One of those people who took exception was Mr. Kent E. Peterson who posted a Letter to the Editor pointing out his reasons why people should vote against Premier Wall and the SaskParty.  His letter was printed in the Nipawin Journal.

He went on to ask where I was getting my files or information to come to the conclusion that most people don’t have a good reason to not vote for the SaskParty.  Let me answer that question this way.  Angela Hall of the Leader Post recently posted an article that reported on the findings in a recent poll by Sigma Analytics.  The poll showed that the SaskParty is favored by 57.3% of the voters compared to 29.4% for the NDP.  It also showed that Premier Wall is favored by 73.3% of the voters compared to 16.7% for the NDP’s leader Mr. Lingenfelter.  On the matter of BHP Billiton’s takeover bid of PotashCorp the poll showed that nearly 82% of the voters favored the position taken by Premier Wall as being better able to secure the best result for the province versus the NDP.

Finally, it is not for me to say how anyone should vote, but it is for me to come to certain conclusions on a range of issues based on the information I may have in my files.  My position regarding the current status of the SaskParty back in September was dead on, which I reported in the papers and on my blog nearly two months ahead of the Sigma Analytics poll.  I write for free as an independent non-partisan freelance writer who holds no membership in any political party.  I thank Mr. Peterson for taking exception to my viewpoints.  I made him think about the issue and that is important to democracy.  He may have to agree that the polls pretty much said the same thing I had said two months earlier.  On the other hand he can choose to disregard the polls.  It doesn’t matter to me either way.  I don’t care what position people take on the issues that surround them.  All I care is that they at least think about the issues.  This is why I write Letters to the Editor.  I want the public to get involved and pay attention to what their politicians are saying and doing.  It’s your money they are spending and it’s your right to voice your views on the issues.