Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Former SaskParty MLA Guilty

The report of Saskatchewan's Conflict Commissioner has found former SaskParty MLA Serge LeClerc's actions were unethical and highly inappropriate for an elected representative of the people of Saskatchewan. Are there lessons to be learned from any of this? Likely, but any discussions to diminish the findings of the Conflict Commissioner should simply not be entertained.

Discussions on the radio and on the street attempting to sugar coat or find flaws in the findings in this matter are foolish at best. Attempts to justify the conduct of Serge LeClerc or attempts to soften the decision or deflect away from the Commissioner's findings serves no meaningful purpose.

The Conflict Commissioner submitted a clear and conclusive report that is without question. I would like to believe that most people in life do more good than harm, but in the end that is not usually how we are judged.

Further, any attempts to score political points on this issue are also unethical and lack any sense of class or professionalism. Moving backward on this issue is not an option. It is time to accept this issue for what it is and move on.

The full report of Ronald L. Barclay, Q.C., Conflict of Interest Commissioner for the Province of Saskatchewan is available on the Internet. I commend the Commissioner for his comprehensive investigation into this matter and for his concise and fair findings contained in his well-written report.

CBC News - Saskatchewan - Sask. MLA drug admissions true: report