Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Health Care

There are two health related issues that have popped up in the news recently. One is the decision of Danny Williams, Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, to have heart surgery in the US. Politicians and others have had surgery in the US. The important issue is that Premier Williams has the surgery where he wants, he is paying for it, and that his health is restored. It is his decision and he owes no one an explanation or an apology. He has promised a full explanation after his surgery and when he is prepared to answer questions. Discussion over issues relating to the quality and availability of health care in Canada versus the US is pointless.

The other issue is the matter of Canadians funding abortions outside of Canada in the interest of foreign policy. I would rather support a Canadian policy of reducing abortion and stream lining adoption. Adopting displaced Haitian children was fast tracked so we know it can be done. The federal liberals have embraced a foreign policy that supports safe abortion abroad. I support prevention and the right to life. Health care needs funding here in Canada. Why should Canadian taxpayer’s fund abortions outside of Canada? Funding pregnancy prevention would be a better solution.

If the governments of Canada want to spend some money then let it be on drug abuse, especially for our youth. This will save lives and reduce crime and health care costs.