Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2010 Winter Olympics

Has the “Own the Podium” slant of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver by bureaucrats and promoters put too much pressure on Canadian athletes to win? Only the athletes know the answer to that question. We will likely never know because athletes generally accept full responsibility if they fail to meet expected performances.

It really doesn’t matter because Canadians from across the country have made these games a success where being Canadian is more important than owning the podium. They have rallied behind our athletes regardless of their performance. They have brought this country together again as they did in the later part of the 1972 Summit, which was a series of games between Russia and Canada. Canada eventually won the series in the last game.

I have been emotionally moved by the performance of all our athletes in these games. I have found myself watching sports I never knew existed along with those we all know very well like hockey and curling. The relentless support of Canadians behind our athletes is a spirit that will never be defeated. The pride of Canada is for all athletes and for all nations. Thanks to all our athletes we are, at this time in our history, a more united nation. Is there anything more our athletes could have done for Canada? Is there anything more Canadians could have done for our athletes? Not likely. Way to go Canada!