Tuesday, March 03, 2009

President Barack Obama

There have been plenty of news stories surrounding the miraculous success of Barack Obama. The news stories escalated from the first day he entered the race to become President of the United States of America to his recent visit to Canada. I signed up with the Obama campaign on January 1, 2007. His success to date is historic and unprecedented.

John Gormley believed Obama would never see the inside of the White House as President. On the day of President Obama’s visit to Canada it was unfortunate that Gormley was still engaged in negative commentary over President Obama. He suggested the President’s visit was over hyped and that the thousands who gathered on Parliament Hill to catch a glimpse of the new President would be disappointed. The next day Gormley conceded that President Barack Obama’s visit to Canada and his meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper had been a good day.

The two leaders agreed to engage in a clean energy dialogue toward reducing gas emissions and fighting climate change. The US President did not pressure Prime Minister Harper for additional commitments from Canada to the military mission in Afghanistan. They agreed to work together to strengthen the struggling auto sector. The President apparently relieved Prime Minister Harper over concerns that the US buy America clause in their $787-billion US stimulus package may break international free-trade agreements. President Obama wants to begin talks to include labour and environmental provisions to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) without disrupting the important trade relations that exist between the US and Canada.

By any measure it was a day many Canadians will never forget. President Barack Obama lived up to every bit of hype surrounding his visit to Canada. We should wish President Obama well as he faces the worst economic crisis in America since the great depression. We should not be negative towards the President or the US because, as most people know, our economy is almost entirely linked to that of the US. The health of the US economy affects the health of the global economic community and that includes Canada.

Everyone concedes President Barack Obama is an exceptional orator and highly popular. I suggest the intelligence and substance of the man should not be underestimated. He is a man of destiny who is determined to accept any challenge and to succeed. He is a man who understands that destiny is not a matter of chance, but rather a matter of choice. He is Barack Obama and he is the President of the United States of America. I can’t predict his future, but I wish him every success.