Friday, March 27, 2009

Conservatives Target Ralph Goodale

The conservatives are persistent in their efforts to defeat MP Ralph Goodale. I don’t blame them for that. Its just politics and the conservatives feel compelled to win all 14 constituencies in Saskatchewan. It is one thing to try and beat Ralph Goodale because he is a liberal, but it is quite a different matter if you are trying to beat him because he is not doing his job. The fact is, no conservative Member of Parliament works harder than Ralph Goodale. What conservative MP would dare lay claim to being a better Member of Parliament than Ralph Goodale?

In the conservatives attempt to defeat Goodale I received a conservative propaganda piece in the mail from David Anderson, MP for Cypress Hills-Grassland in southwestern Saskatchewan. Now that is a long way from Goodale’s Wascana constituency here in Regina where I live. Safe conservative seats in Saskatchewan, like that of MP David Anderson, use their mailing privileges to target voters in constituencies other than their own. In this case, it was Ralph Goodale’s Wascana constituency. Who else would they target?

It’s a wonder anything gets done in Parliament when you consider how much time they spend, and your tax dollars, just working to get re-elected to either get in the pension zone or build on it.

David Anderson has a safe constituency and is coasting to retirement. Ralph Goodale works hard at being an MP and takes no voter for granted. Ralph is tough to beat. In politics anything is possible, just ask veteran conservative MP Andrew Scheer, who has been elected three times in the constituency of Regina-Qu’Appelle.