Friday, February 27, 2009

NDP Pamphlet

A few days ago I received a political pamphlet from the Regina NDP MLA’s. On the front it was captioned “Brad Wall and the Sask Party. It should have read SaskParty. Then all the photos in the pamphlet were of supposedly struggling individuals and families who all had sad faces. The only smiling faces were those of the eight NDP MLA’s who mailed this pamphlet to my home. They should be smiling when you consider what MLA’s are paid these days. The entire pamphlet was dark and drab in black and white in an apparent attempt to suggest doom and gloom under the Brad Wall SaskParty government.

In reality it speaks more to the negative and left me with the impression that if the NDP were returned to power that we would return to the dark and drab days of negative thinking that was so prevalent under the previous NDP government.

Saskatchewan is doing better than any other province in the country right now. It is not all due to the SaskParty government, but remember what Premier Brad Wall said on the evening that he and his party were elected to government. Brad Wall on that evening said, “Hope beats fear” and that is the difference between the SaskParty and the NDP.