Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech

The tragic shooting at Virginia Tech is more than one can comprehend. A deranged student took these young lives for reasons none of us will ever really understand. Attempting to do so for most of us only leads to more sorrow for the families and friends who are left to mourn their loss. It seems impossible to find anything to grab onto that is positive out of this tragic event.

I will say that I am moved by the courage and strength of the students at Virginia Tech and those who rose to meet a most difficult challenge. It is all too easy to condemn the youth in our communities for all the things we, at times, feel they should be doing better. It is in times of tragedy and sorrow where we find our youth are far more mature than we ever give them credit for and now is one of those times.

I am at a loss to express my own personal feelings of this sorry time at Virginia Tech. I only have a deep feeling of sorrow and despair for those whom are left to mourn. Interestingly, it is the strength and resolve of the Virginia Tech youth who offer us the best hope of moving on and learning how to live with this dark and tragic time in American history.

I offer my sincere sympathy to the families of the victims. May God bless our youth and may we love them each and every day least they leave us too soon for reasons we can never predict. They are our hope, our resolve and our future.