Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Taliban Detainees

The recent debate in the House of Commons over how the Afghanistan government is treating Taliban detainees whom are turned over to them by Canadian troops is a debate that deserves a prompt conclusion. The new Stephen Harper government is failing to move forward on this issue. Please tell me if there is some other side to this issue.

The credibility of Canadian troops is at stake. If in fact Taliban detainees are being tortured and human rights are being violated then Canadian troops and Canada will be disgraced at home and on the international stage. Some may argue that these Taliban detainees are the same murderous slime who should be held responsible for the death of Canadian troops. Regardless, if you become no different than your opponent then what has been gained?

The Dutch apparently have a specific and detailed reporting system the Afghanistan government must accept when they are handed detainees held by the Dutch. The Stephen Harper government has yet to offer any proof to Canadians that a responsible reporting system similar to the Dutch has been implemented. Further, they seem to be dragging their feet on this issue. Why?

Swift on the spot vigilantly justice by Afghans on the Taliban has been interrupted by Canadian troops on numerous occasions. Canadian troops have exercised restraint in these situations and have acted in a professional and humane manner.

Is it not time for the Government of Canada to honour our troops by implementing measures respecting Taliban detainees that compliments the actions of our Canadian troops? Again, if you are no different than your opponent then what has been gained? When you carefully observe how the new Stephen Harper government governs then you may be compelled to ask this question again. You may also question if they are really moving forward.