Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Election Call

I have held the belief over the last couple of months that the Stephen Harper conservatives should call an election for the end of May or early June and give the voters an opportunity to elect a majority government. I am not a supporter of minority governments, but they do happen. A majority government would spare us all from the continual games that get played out in the House of Commons resulting from a minority government.

Canadians and the country would be better served with a majority government. Stephen Harper would like a majority, but he is deterred from calling an election because the polls indicate he may only receive another minority government. I disagree.

Canadians are tired of elections every year or two and I believe they would elect a majority government if Prime Minister Stephen Harper would simply call the election. Having served as Prime Minister for over a year, Stephen Harper doesn’t have to engineer his own defeat or spend his evenings reading the latest polls. He should simply call the election.

Finally, the conservatives should take notice of all the liberals who are not seeking re-election. The most recent announcement that Belinda Stronach will not seek re-election is bad news for the liberals and a sure sign that things are not going well for Stephan Dion and the liberals. As I have said before, Dion is done and the conservatives are positioned to win the next two elections.

If Stephen Harper continues to hesitate and manage this country from a minority position he may find the polls moving against him down the road. It is difficult for the conservatives to move forward with their true agenda as long as they are in a minority position. Stephen Harper, call the election.