Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Tory Rumour Hurts Harper

Recent media reports by Maria McClintock, Ottawa Bureau, Sun Media spell problems for Stephan Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada as they near their convention. It is reported that debate on sensitive social issues may not happen and this has sparked a backlash over Harper's leadership. A fierce Internet debate ignited on the conservative Free Dominion website over the issue.

Resolutions on social issues like abortion and the definition of marriage put forward by Conservative MPs will apparently have to stand down in favour of Stephan Harper as party officials apparently confirmed that Harper will be the one to define the party's stand on the social issues during an election.

This, of course, flies in the face of democracy and the will of the grassroots that the Conservative Party of Canada believes sets them apart from the other parties. It would appear they are no different than any other political party and this is where the problems begin, which could lead to problems with Harper as leader and the future of the party as it attempts to define itself on these sensitive social issues.

It is also reported that even the National Citizens Coalition may launch a national ad campaign arguing that the Conservatives are abandoning their roots. It is interesting to note that Harper used to work for the National Citizens Coalition so it would seem that they may be about to abandon Stephan Harper.

I can only conclude that if you are too afraid to openly discuss the tough issues you are faced with in your own party, including social issues, then you are not prepared to lead or govern.

Larry Birkbeck