Friday, March 25, 2005

Senate Appointments

March 25, 2005

Pondering politics!

Prime Minister Paul Martin appointed a Saskatchewan woman, Lillian Eva Dyck to the Senate of Canada. In response, Jack Layton, the leader of the NDP, has indicated she is not welcome to sit in the NDP caucus and suggested she sit as an independent.

The historic appointment of a supposedly NDP person to the Senate has not been well received by the NDP. I suppose it is fair to say that the NDP, not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk. Their policy supports abolishing the Senate, which is backed by the Saskatchewan NDP party and Premier Lorne Calvert.

The other Saskatchewan appointment was Bob Peterson who was the Liberal Campaign chair for Saskatchewan in the last federal election. Only one liberal, Ralph Goodale, was elected in Saskatchewan. This was a failed effort by the liberals in Saskatchewan, but regardless Peterson was still appointed to the Senate.

Bob Peterson has been a long-time liberal operative in Saskatchewan in both provincial and federal elections. The liberals have essentially failed here in Saskatchewan. Maybe the appointment of Peterson to the Senate will clear the way for a new political operative to take over for the liberals. Maybe then they will eventually begin to get someone elected other than Ralph Goodale.

I enjoyed a successful campaign on behalf of Conservatives at the last federal election. I expected nothing in return and have received nothing. There is nothing fair about political appointments and political success has little to do with the process.

The Senate is, for the most part, a patronage pot that most people believe needs to be reformed along with our entire political system that is failing Canadians. Politics is a nasty business where the most unlikely people get elected and appointed. In normal life you earn your success. In politics it just happens. Does it make sense? No, and it never will. Their burden is to figure out how to earn their salary that is funded by Canadian taxpayers. Regardless, I offer my personal congratulations to these two individuals on their appointment to the Senate.


Larry Birkbeck