Saturday, March 12, 2005

Politicians_Beware of the Media

Beware; Peter O’Neil of the Vancouver Sun is at it again. Everyone will remember that it was Peter O’Neil who duped, former Alliance/Conservative Member of Parliament for Regina-Lumsden-Lake Centre, Larry Spencer into believing his intentions were pure when Spencer entertained him for nearly an hour over a telephone conference discussing the controversial issue of homosexuality and same-sex marriage.

Everyone will remember how this interview was spun completely out of control by the media with the help of Stephan Harper and his, pure as driven snow, colleagues. The media reports were more fiction than facts, but they can do that anytime they want. The result was Spencer being stripped of his critic responsibilities and suspension from the Conservative caucus. Later, he was kicked out of caucus and his membership in the Conservative party was revoked causing him to either go back to preaching or run as an independent. He chose to run as an independent for reasons that are mostly not known to anyone.

I have been informed that he is taking some kind of a refresher course in the ministry at the taxpayers expense as some form of retraining for defeated Member’s of Parliament. After only three and a half short years in politics I am also informed that he is having someone write a book about his short political career and what he learned from it. I suppose it will be a short book, but I don’t know that for sure.

The infamous Peter O’Neil is now claiming that some Tories are “afraid” to be caught praying. Peter O’Neil made this claim as reported in a Canada West News Service on March 10, 2005 regarding the up-coming Conservative Policy Convention. As the story goes, apparently some Conservative members are afraid to be caught by TV cameras as they seek God’s help on crucial social issues. Evidence of all this according to O’Neil is on a Web Site called Not praying is one thing Larry Spencer could never be charged with, but it could be reasonably argued that he maybe should have prayed more or harder considering the result of his short political career. It should be noted that Larry Spencer always believed that it was prayer and God’s Will that elected him. It may have been, but I tend to think there is a little more to getting elected than simply praying.

There is nothing wrong with praying. I do it all the time. I need all the help I can get and most people agree with me on this point.

Again, I say, beware of Peter O’Neil and many people in the media. If they decide to hang you out you will be done like dinner. If members of the media, like Peter O’Neil, decide to cook Stephan Harper and the Conservatives over their lack of courage to make firm decisions on social issues they will soon be no more than a faint political memory like Larry Spencer. In the face of the belief that politics is 90% perception it may be that the 10% reality will rule the day if the Conservatives don’t get their priorities sorted out regarding the sensitive social issues facing our Country today.

God Bless,

Larry Birkbeck

Note: Peter O’Neil, be informed. I am not afraid to pray.