Sunday, June 26, 2016

Self-regulated Bodies

A word about self-regulated bodies.  Lawyers are regulated by the Law Society of Saskatchewan.  A body of lawyers regulating the conduct of their own.

Judges are more difficult to deal with respecting any misconduct.  If one is not pleased with a judge for whatever reason they can file a written complaint to the Canadian Judicial Council.  If you don’t agree with their decision you can make an application at the Federal Court for Judicial Review of the Canadian Judicial Councils decision.  This would be judge’s ruling against judges.  How well will that work for you as a mere citizen?

The Saskatchewan Medical Association and the College of Physicians and Surgeons both play an important role in monitoring and managing complaints respecting practicing physicians and Surgeons.  If you are concerned with any misconduct respecting doctors, Surgeons or any other person acting as a professional within the health care system then you are well advised to write a letter to either the SMA or the College and they will instruct you as to your appropriate course of action.

Then there are the elected politicians and appointed Senators.  Politicians are regulated by the House of Commons if what they say or their actions take place within the confines of the House of Commons.  Senators are regulated by themselves with the confines of the Senate.  If what wrong doing of politicians or Senators messes with laws not controlled by either the House of Commons or the Senate then you end up with another Mike Duffy trial.  Senator Duffy was found not criminally responsible of any of the charges brought against him, but the Senate is still going after him for alleged inappropriate expense claims.  And so the saga continues.

All of the above professions, and I use that word loosely as it applies to politicians and Senators, need to consider carefully if the overall public good is being respectfully served by self-regulation.  And it should apply especially as it regards judges across Canada.

The screening process for getting the bad apples out of the barrel apparently needs an overhaul.  Individual citizens need to be protected in the interests of the public good from self-regulated bodies.  Now who will lead that charge?