Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Extreme Conservatives

Here are three extreme conservatives that stand out from the rest.  Donald Trump, Sarah Palin and John Gormley. The only thing that separates them is the fact that one is a woman and the other two are men.  And of course two live in the United States and one lives in Canada.

I too am a conservative from an ideological perspective.  When the conservatives go into extreme mode then I just unplug from the conservatives.  Extreme is not a good place to be from a political perspective.  Most voters tend to be rational and in the middle of the political spectrum.

It would not surprise me if John Gormley has model CF-18 Fighter Jets hanging from his office ceiling as a reminder to attack Justin Trudeau each day on the issue of when the CF-18's will be pulled from the fight against ISIS.  Or will the Jets be withdrawn sometime on or before the date set by former PM Stephen Harper.  That date I believe is in March 2016.

The fact is Canada's Jets hitting targets in Iraq and Syria are mostly symbolic and a display of good faith that we are all in with the US led coalition.  The Canadian Jets according to a report from the Department of National Defence is that since November 14, 2015 our aircraft have been involved in just 3% of the coalition's airstrikes against ISIS.

It seems our Jets have been hitting more targets since Justin Trudeau came to power, but I don't have those facts.  I would not want to be seen as extreme so disregard my comments on this speculation.

Then in addition to the US led coalition we have Russia's military firing randomly at targets in Syria using missiles fired from their submarines.  And who knows how many Jets the Russians have in Syria fighting ISIS.

These are the rational facts.  If you want extreme then turn on your radio in the morning and Have a Great Day!