Thursday, March 01, 2012

Wheat Research Funding

A recent announcement by the Saskatchewan government will invest $10 million into new funding for wheat related research over the next five years. That is good news for Saskatchewan farmers and for the entire province. Recent reports indicate food production will have to increase by 45% by 2030. It is a great decision for Saskatchewan by the Brad Wall SaskParty government. What is not to like about this announcement? The western Canadian Wheat Growers Association supports the announcement. The funding will help prairie farmers stay competitive.

However, hold on just a moment. The NDP say they support the decision, but feel the Saskatchewan government should spend research dollars on the impact of the demise of the Canadian Wheat Board and to study how to sustain the small family farm. Now you know why the NDP is a small opposition party. They just have no idea of how to drag themselves out of the past. The future is today and tomorrow. The NDP is yesterday and part of our history. Their policies are destined to keep them there for a long time. Is there a liberal party in Saskatchewan? If there is then maybe they and the NDP could get together and have a conference on the future. They could have Brad Wall as their guest speaker.