Saturday, March 10, 2012

Infrastructure Improvements

Here in Saskatchewan many of our main roads are in need of repair. The Trans-Canada highway needs work. Travel from Regina to Moose Jaw and back is a good example. Our cities have potholes that cost motorists thousands of dollars on tie rod ends, cracked boots, and suspension repairs. I have the receipts to prove it. We are in need of infrastructure repair for sewer mains, reliable drinking water, and lagoon expansions throughout the province. In many smaller communities, their recent population growth requires them to expand and improve their infrastructure system, but they have no funds for the improvements.

In Toronto, the federal government announced a project to build a pedestrian tunnel under ground and water. It will connect the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport to the mainland at the foot of Bathurst Street. The Airport Improvement fee will apparently largely fund the project. Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty and the Toronto City Mayor, Rob Ford and the Toronto Port Authority Chairman, Mark McQueen announced the project. That would suggest the federal government and the City of Toronto invested in the pedestrian tunnel.

Prime Minister, Stephen Harper in his announcement of the pedestrian tunnel said, “Our Government is committed to building strong, prosperous communities that are engines of economic growth.” Well, we agree with that here in Saskatchewan. So, what is the problem? Is it because there are no more votes to gain in Saskatchewan and our conservative MP’s are failing to push for improvements to our infrastructure system?