Monday, May 02, 2011

Election Day

The big day has arrived. It is Election Day in Canada and the outcome has never been more uncertain. Polling companies across the country published numbers regularly with some on a daily basis. Voter intentions varied from day to day and predictions for the outcome today will be a guess at best.

The last reported polls indicated an historical realignment of voter intentions. It is likely we will have another conservative minority government. It is likely the NDP will form the official opposition. The liberals across the country and the Bloc in Quebec seem likely to be the big losers.

It is surprising to hear Stephen Harper begging for support from liberal supporters in his attempt to stay ahead of the NDP. Harper has been obsessed with destroying the liberal party and now he is begging for their support. Stephen Harper’s obsession with power and control is a threatening aspect of the Harper conservatives.

A majority government would better serve Canadian voters. No party to this point has earned a majority confidence of the voters. The Harper conservatives made repeated calls throughout this election for a majority government from voters and that may turnout to have been a big mistake. The same is likely true of Harper’s plea for support from the liberals in the dying days of this campaign. It makes Stephen Harper look desperate and many believe he is desperate for power. Will voters keep the Harper conservatives in check by denying them their desperate grab for power?

One can only speculate on what voters will decide today and what we will wake up to come Tuesday morning. One thing is sure. The media will have a great week immediately following this election.

The female and youth vote may be more prominent in this election than in previous elections. In addition, voter turnout should be higher.  Be sure you are part of the numbers that make up the outcome of this election. Please respect our democratic rights. Get out and vote. This is your day.

The predictions of this blog are as follows:

Conservatives: 144
NDP: 84
Liberals: 57
Bloc: 23

Conservatives: 12
Liberals: 1
NDP: 1