Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Conservative Majority Government

The 2011 Federal Election is over and we can now all get back to normal. Congratulations to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He proved all the pollsters and political pundits wrong. It was an impossible election to call and the voters democratically made their choice.

Stephen Harper had a sense of both the fears and the hopes of Canadian voters. It was an historical election in all regards. Rare conservative back to back victories, a first for the NDP forming the official opposition and the once mighty liberals being relegated to third party status. Further, the Green Party made history with the election of their leader, Elizabeth May.

The NDP will be pleased with a conservative majority, as this will give them time to solidify their support and train all their new members. The liberals are not so fortunate. They have the daunting task of rebuilding their party from the ground up and selecting a new leader. Only the Bloc Party is worse off than the liberals are.

The voters were the real winners in this election. They were tired of too many elections in such short periods. They chose a majority government. The voters chose the best party and the best leader to govern Canada at this time in our history. Voters chose a western leader who built on the belief that the west wants in and a leader with support across all regions of the country. A leader whom will govern from the center right and whom will serve all Canadians regardless of how they voted. We are now closer to a two party system given the results of this election. Now nearly eliminated, the Bloc may be gone forever. That will better serve Canada.

The voters granted Prime Minister Stephen Harper the majority government he asked for. Voters will now watch carefully to see how better he will serve Canada with his majority government. Voter expectations will be high. It will be a challenge for the Prime Minister, but we should all wish him well as it is in our best interests.

The results of this election produced an historical political realignment. It is certain we are entering some form of new era in Canadian politics. We can thank all the voters for these exciting times in our political history. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. We face a political future governed by Stephen Harper’s conservative majority with the official opposition lead by Jack Layton and the NDP. May God Bless Canada and all Canadians.