Friday, January 07, 2011

Harper Rules

Why are we talking about a federal election? Prime Minister Stephen Harper still believes the public has no appetite for an election. The liberal opposition has no appetite for an election. The polls currently indicate there is no hope for a majority government.

The Prime Minister is over obsessed with power. He often has a disdain for democracy and parliament. He has failed on his promise to run a more ethical and accountable government. The reality is the Harper conservatives are no better than the liberals. The voters are right. They are all the same and sometimes worse.

Further, the voters view Stephen Harper as the best person to rule on economic matters. Today he rules over one of the largest national debts ever and it continues to grow each day now standing over $554 billion. The conservative government claims they will balance the budget around 2015. But, they will need consecutive surpluses to pay down that huge debt. When will that be? The Prime Minister has asked that we all do our part and live within our means. With the means available to politicians that would be easy. How easy is it for you?

Finally, the voters need to vote for either the conservatives or the liberals and give one of them a clear majority government. This will remove the excuses for poor government and the constant election talk. And it will give Canada some hope for a brighter future.