Monday, January 17, 2011

Federal Election

There is again talk of a federal election. The power-driven Prime Minister, Stephen Harper wants an election and a majority. Canadians don’t want an election. Someone apparently has to be blamed for causing the election. Harper says he doesn’t want an election, but is that the truth? The conservatives hold a 7% lead over their nearest rival opposition liberals in recent polling. With those polls who else would want an election?

I don’t care how you vote when a federal election is called, but be sure you are clear on who caused it. Prime Minister Harper may taint the budget just enough to cause any self-respecting opposition party to vote against it.

Prime Minister Harper wants an election, he wants a majority and he wants it bad. He sings a good tune and has some good moves. Why else would he be dancing all over the country singing songs of praise over the government he leads?

Yes, Stephen Harper will be the cause of the next election. If he wins a majority he will be the most domineering Prime Minister in the history of Canada. Who will lead the conservatives at the next election if he fails to win a majority?