Wednesday, October 13, 2010

United Nations snubs Canada

Canada’s bid to secure a seat on the United Nation’s Security Council was rejected by member countries disturbed with Canada’s foreign policies. Some argue this is an embarrassment for Canada who was beat out by Portugal. Others argue that it really doesn’t matter since we were voted out by tin can countries who oppose Canada’s stand on human rights and our support of Israel.

Some humor was added to the matter of Canada losing in their bid for a seat on the Security Council by Canada’s foreign affairs minister, Lawrence Cannon. He chose to blame Michael Ignatieff, leader of the liberal opposition in Parliament. It is difficult to believe that Ignatieff has more influence on member countries of the United Nations than does Lawrence Cannon or the Prime Minister. This was a huge political mistake by the Harper conservatives. They should simply have stated the loss was no surprise as it was expected that member countries who oppose our way of life and stand on foreign policy were likely to vote against Canada. And they did!

The reality is that nearly half of all Canadians don’t feel the United Nations has any relevance on the world stage. Regardless, Canada should never be blackmailed into developing foreign policies that please member countries of the United Nations so we can gain a seat on the UN’s Security Council. Canada was essentially voted out by our enemies. I have no problem with that.

It may be time for Canada to focus more on domestic policies that support Canadians and less on foreign policies that support ungrateful countries that oppose Canada on the world stage.