Wednesday, October 27, 2010

PotashCorp versus BHP Billiton

At some time near November 3, 2010 the federal government will make an important decision.  That decision will either allow the BHP takeover of PotashCorp or it will quash the bid with the authority it has under the Investment Canada Act.

The SaskParty government has made their decision and that is to back PotashCorp over BHP Billiton.  I would guess that is the most popular move as most people in Saskatchewan likely support PotashCorp.

It is not a matter of ownership.  PotashCorp is primarily an American owned company and if BHP were successful in their bid to take over PotashCorp then it would be primarily owned by an Australian company.  The matter of concern is what is best for Saskatchewan and Premier Brad Wall has made his decision.

It is now time for 13 Saskatchewan conservative MP's to make the right decision and back the Premier.  That of course is based on the assumption that Premier Wall and the SaskParty have made the right decision.  Either way the time has arrived for the Saskatchewan MP's to say something definitive on the issue.  They are the quietest group of MP's that I can ever remember.  I am sure they all tremble in fear of saying something that may offend their leader, Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  Harper could make a decision on any issue affecting Saskatchewan and every conservative MP would promptly tow the party line and back Harper.  How disgusting is that?  I would support anyone of them that could muster the courage to speak out in support of Saskatchewan on any issue that Harper may not support.  Having to answer to anyone other than your constituents is simply not right regardless of the issue.  What do you say Saskatchewan?