Saturday, May 01, 2010

Letter to President Obama

Mr. President,

It is apparent there are insufficient safeguards to protect against the different types of oil spills that may occur. In the case of the problems you are currently facing in the Gulf it seems no one knows how to stop this existing spill.

I understand you are going to inspect the situation on Sunday and that no new leases will be allowed until you receive a report in the next thirty days on what new technologies may be required to prevent this from happening again.  This is all good, but it seems to me that the most important issue is stopping the spill as soon as possible and then assess the damages and what safety regulations may be required to prevent a repeat of this spill in the future.  All resources around the world should be contacted to address this pressing issue.  Drilling in the gulf should be stopped until this current problem is resolved.  Other companies and rigs in the region should be called on to offer solutions.

Attention in the media is about the damage and not about the solution.  The public should be informed as to the nature of this spill as it regards getting it stopped.  There should be a resource center for people to go to on the Internet for information.  Who knows, maybe some person in the general public has an idea, but you will never know unless you inform them.

There is no moving forward until this spill is stopped.  I suggest a website be immediately established so the world can monitor the situation from one single source and offer solutions and assistance where possible.  If the energy industry knows how to stop this spill then they should get on with it and inform the rest of us how they intend to proceed.  Mr. President, if there was ever a time for you to reach out for help that would be now.

Yours truly,

Larry Birkbeck
Regina, SK.