Monday, May 03, 2010

Governor General Appointment

The controversy swirls again over Governor General, Michaëlle Jean. Her appointment was controversial and relations between her and Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, have been somewhat strained at times. Now Michael Ignatieff is suggesting the public should have some input as to who should be appointed as Canada’s next Governor General. He is suggesting that her position be extended for a year or so conditional of course on her approval of such an extension. Now just where would be the real harm in that?

There is already a public discussion on Facebook, most notably to promote actor William Shatner. Now that would be a mistake. Then there is the argument that Ignatieff is breaking with tradition. Well, that is not entirely true. There have been two or three times when previous Governor Generals have had their terms extended.

The arguments against Ignatieff’s position are flimsy at best. Further, I don’t believe it throws Michaëlle Jean into a difficult political discussion. She is either done when her term is up or she chooses to stay on for a short while. This would give Canadians an opportunity to have some input on whom should be Canada’s next Governor General. It would also likely give Stephen Harper another headache.