Thursday, March 18, 2010

Email to MP Inky Mark

Attention: Inky Mark
You don’t do yourself or your party any good by taking cheap shots at the liberals and Ignatieff. If you and your party are doing so well then why waste time taking pot shots at Ignatieff? Are you afraid of him? You make him out as if he is somehow less Canadian than you are and that is a stretch. You say Ignatieff is just in it for himself. Almost every politician I have ever known was in it for himself or herself. Why don’t you look at all the tricks and strategies your own leader, the Prime Minister of Canada, has pulled just to stay in power? You could also inform Canadians about former conservative MP Rahim Jaffer and his recent problems or how your colleague, Minister Helena Guergis, conducts herself in airports.
I live in Regina, Saskatchewan and no less than thirteen conservative MP’s represent us. So please tell me why I have to receive mail propaganda from you? Your riding is 300 kilometres long and 200 kilometres wide. It is larger than the size of the country of Ireland and contains 5 provincial ridings, 63 municipal governments, 15 Northern Affairs Communities and 13 Indian Reserves. You have hundreds of towns, villages and hamlets to service over 77, 000 people separated by the Riding Mountains and two provincial parks. Your neighbouring ridings of Brandon-Souris and Portage-Lisgar could fit inside its boundaries with room to spare. This geographical information about your constituency is taken right off your MP website and you still have time to send me propaganda.
I don’t want to hear from any Manitoba MP’s. I would rather hear from our Saskatchewan MP’s, but they are quiet and out of site in a province that is booming in comparison to the rest of the country, including Manitoba. I am more likely to hear from liberal Ralph Goodale, but then you can say that is because I live in his riding. That is true, but I don’t live in your constituency or the constituency of any conservative MP. I don’t hear from them, but yet I hear from you. Why is that?
Now just in case you think these are just partisan comments I want to inform you that I have been around this business longer than you and as a conservative. I haven’t held a membership in any party for years now and it because of political folks just like you that I don’t have a membership in a political party or movement of some kind. Inky, don’t take this too personal now because I have said the same thing about other politicians just like you. You just go and cash your next big cheque and leave me alone. Let me know if you want to know what else I think. I respectfully submit this without prejudice.