Monday, March 29, 2010

2010 Provincial Budget

The provincial government in their recent budget has again used the sin tax as a means of gaining revenue. Tobacco again gets hit hard and the fight is on with the reserve sales of tobacco. Minister Don McMorris claims it is “all about health.” He is partly correct, but considering the millions the government makes off the sale of tobacco it seems to be as much about money. If tobacco is as bad as the government and the anti-smoking lobby claims it to be then just ban the damn stuff. If you don’t then it is more about money than health. Obesity is a health issue. How will the government tax that health problem?

Then the government gets one right. They removed the subsidy for chiropractic services. It will save the government about $10 million annually. The savings will likely be partly absorbed somewhere else in the healthcare system. The Chiropractors Association of Saskatchewan failed in their efforts on behalf of chiropractors and their patients to effectively make the “all about health” argument that Don McMorris used in regards to tobacco. If you can’t make that simple argument then you should lose. Chiropractors in Saskatchewan should review who is representing them to the government. It is apparent their existing representation failed them.