Wednesday, October 08, 2008

SaskParty Staffers

Figures released Tuesday by Reg Downs, Senior Advisor to Premier Brad Wall; indicate the SaskParty government is spending nearly a million a month on politically appointed staffers. Granted the $865,562.00 figure is less than the previous NDP government coming in at about 7.2% lower and apparently with more responsibilities expected of the staffers according to Downs.

Regardless, it won’t play well with most people in the province as some staffers get increases appoaching $15,000.00. These kinds of salaries are hard to take as Canada is in an economic crisis not experienced in recent decades. It is strategically a good time to make the announcement as the voters are caught up with the federal election. Again, it is still hard to take as many costs of living are going up and savings and investments are going down for most people.

It will be reasonable for Saskatchewan residents to wish they had these kinds of salaries and pay increases. Political appointees have never suffered financially. If your job isn’t paying enough I suggest you buy a membership in the SaskParty and apply for one of these appointments. Who knows, if you are smarter than the current staffers and you are prepared to work harder than them then you may get the job. The SaskParty could then reduce their staff numbers even more and you would then be in line for an increase in your salary.

It sounds like a plan. Don’t you just love government?