Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Canada Votes 2008

Today is Election Day across Canada. There is no way to accurately predict the outcome. Polls have consistently placed the conservatives on top across the nation. Most importantly get out and vote.

Harper called this election because he believed parliament had become dysfunctional and that it simply wasn’t working. I couldn’t agree with him more. The real question is why parliament is not working. Will a strengthened minority conservative government or even a majority conservative government improve the effectiveness of Canada’s parliament? I don’t believe it will. Parliamentary reform and electoral reform is necessary to better serve the voters of Canada.

Regardless, I believe the conservatives will do better in this election than the polls have been indicating. The Harper conservatives will break the 140-seat number, but will fall short of a majority government. The liberals should triple the NDP vote overall and should fall around the 100 seat number give or take a few seats.

Here in Saskatchewan the seat numbers are not likely to change. Regardless, don’t be surprised if the liberals elect two seats and the NDP elect one seat at the expense of the conservatives.

Across the country there is a large pool of undecided voters. If they decide to go to the polls then we could be in for any number of surprises. The best news is that world markets are looking better on Election Day. That too could change the final vote tally. The economy has been far and away the prominent issue throughout this election. Happy voters should favour the conservatives and a near majority conservative government.

If Stephen Harper does not get a stronger minority government then his leadership will come into play. The voters will be left asking why Harper could not win a majority government against the weak leadership of St├ęphane Dion and his unpopular green shift policy. That will be a fair question if this election does not go well for Stephen Harper.

Regardless of all the polls and media speculation it comes down to you the voter. Today is your day to elect your next government. Polls and speculation don’t matter now, but your decision does. Be sure to get out and vote.