Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gerry Ritz, MP

The Gerry Ritz issue is a serious matter that will dog the conservative campaign right up to Election Day. Ritz made tasteless comments about the listeriosis outbreak that was linked to processed meats that has now killed 17 people. There are calls for his resignation from Cabinet and as a candidate. Ritz has since apologized, but it was a serious error by Gerry Ritz and he will pay a political price if the ever-harsh Harper treats him like he treats others that purposely or accidentally get in his way. Ritz and the conservative government poorly managed the listeriosis outbreak and the fact Ritz used this serious matter as grounds for tasteless jokes is very unfortunate

From a Saskatchewan view point it is yet another unfortunate disappointment coming from a Saskatchewan MP. Consider the past events relating to Larry Spencer, Tom Lukiwski and Dave Batters. Each was uniquely different from the other, but still unfortunate and disappointing.

The conservatives held all but one of Saskatchewan’s 14 constituencies prior to the election call and by any standard they have been the quietest group of MP’s I have ever known. Generally, as a group, they have been ineffective and they have not earned their bloated salaries. I don’t care if the voters re-elect them or replace them, but I do care that MP’s at least attempt to earn the salaries taxpayers must fund. Saskatchewan voters deserve better!