Monday, September 29, 2008

2008 Election Polls

The federal election polls are now suggesting that Jack Layton has a shot at becoming the leader of the official opposition after the smoke clears. This could only be possible as a result of the worst liberal leader and liberal campaign in recent memory. Both the liberals and the NDP would be a disaster for Canada at this point in Canadian history. I am not involved in any campaign and I don’t even hold a membership in any Canadian political party. If the NDP forms the official opposition they would have to win a significant number of seats in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and BC. This is not very likely unless the liberal support completely evaporates leaving the voters with virtually a two party choice. That is the only way the NDP can win significant seats in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and BC and have a shot at forming the official opposition.

I will admit that Jack Layton is performing better than St├ęphane Dion, but who couldn’t? Dion is done and Layton is still spewing venom on corporate Canada. Canada always votes right down the middle and that is precisely where the Harper conservatives are positioned. Again, a left wing vote split will elect conservatives and that means Ralph Goodale may go down to defeat. On the other hand, if the NDP simply makes the point that a majority conservative government needs a strong NDP opposition then some incumbent MP’s in Saskatchewan may lose their seats, but only if the liberal vote falls to a poor third place finish. Layton and the liberals in this campaign are just too far off the mark and I am hard pressed to understand why anyone would vote for them. They have no chance of forming government, which should leave all their promises falling on deaf ears.

Canadian voters have an uncanny way of getting it right on Election Day. I will leave it to the voters and trust in their best judgment. I encourage you to get out and vote for the person you feel will best represent your interests in the House of Commons.