Monday, March 17, 2008

Tim Horton's Brier

This past week the Tim Horton’s Brier provided us with some of the best curling on the planet earth. TSN coverage was excellent. Kevin Martin and his team representing Alberta came out on top winning Sunday’s final against Glen Howard’s team representing Ontario. Strangely, CBC’s coverage of the final on Sunday interviewed Glen Howard after the game, but failed to give this year’s champion, Kevin Martin any coverage after the game. It would seem only logical that you would first interview the winner and maybe others after that if airtime permitted. CBC always seems to find new ways to get you going. Maybe it is CBC that should be going.

Regardless, the point of my letter is to speak to the outstanding performance of Pat Simmons and his team representing Saskatchewan. They were professionals all the way and the real champions of my heart. A picked rock cost Pat Simmons a spot in Sunday’s final, but Pat handled it in stride and made us all proud. They are our champions. I congratulate them on their fine performance at the Tim Horton’s Brier and wish them all the best and better luck next year.

Finally, congratulations to the Kevin Martin team for their perfect record. I wish them all the best as they now represent Canada at the World Cup. Bring it home Kevin!