Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Flaherty - McGuinty Scrap

The constant intrusion by the federal conservative finance minister, Jim Flaherty into the economic affairs of the province of Ontario is unreasonable at the very least. More interesting is that Flaherty’s regular bickering with Dalton McGuinty; Premier of Ontario, is apparently directed by Stephen Harper.

Now you really have to ask how much sense that makes? The Harper conservatives need the support of Ontario if they hope to form a majority government at the next federal election. Harper has long professed the need for federal and provincial governments to work cooperatively in the best interests of all Canadians. Harper’s actions contradict his words in many provinces and especially vote rich Ontario. It is believed that Harper’s strategy of making provincial liberals in Ontario look bad on how they manage their economy will boost the nations image of how Harper conservatives are managing the federal economy.

Harper has consistently been at odds with Dalton McGuinty. It hasn’t worked as McGuinty only months ago defeated John Tory, the leader of the conservatives in Ontario at the last provincial election. The federal conservatives scrap with provincial Ontario liberals may be costing Harper votes in a province he must win if he wants to be the Prime Minister after the next election.

It may be a stretch, but imagine this headline in the papers after the next federal election. “Dion Triumphant over Harper.” Now wouldn’t that be Harper’s worst nightmare? Well, stranger things have happened in the wacky world of politics.